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Visitor FAQs

Visitor FAQs


Q.  I have never visited Zion Lutheran Church before, can anyone come?


Yes.  Our services, activities and study groups are open to all.  We suggest when attending a service for the first time that you let the usher know and they will place you where you can best view the service and offer you a weekly bulletin and Brief Tidings newsletter which will outline the service and provide information on current activities and ministry functions.


Q.  I understand there are different Lutheran denominations.  What is Zion and what makes it different from the others? 


There are three main Lutheran "groups:"   The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod (LCMS), The Wisconsin Synod, and The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA).  Zion is part of the ELCA. The ELCA is perceived as being more liberal, for example, communion is open to all, we recognize and ordain women clergy and LGBT clergy, baptism is offered to non members, etc. 


Q.  Can a person or family attend more than one service without committing to join the congregation?  


A person or family may attend as often as they wish without committing to join.  All activities and programs that take place at Zion are open to everyone. 


Q.  What is your schedule of services? 


September-May worship is at 10:30 with Faith Formation (Sunday School) at 9:00 for all ages. There is a nursery available for both. June-August worship is at 9:30 with no Faith Formation classes. During the seasons of Advent (four weeks before Christmas) and Lent (six weeks before Easter) there are also Wednesday mid-week services at 7:00 p.m.


Q.  What is the dress code for Sunday service?


 The dress code allows for suits or sport shirts, slacks, or dresses, tennis shoes to wing tips in other words there is no dress code. All are welcome to come as they are able.


Q.  As a non-member am I expected to contribute to the Sunday collection?


The "offering" is seen as a response to the gospel and the message of salvation. There is "no charge" to attend. If one is able one is encouraged to make an offering as a sign of response.


Q.  Is the Pastor available for an informal meeting?  


Pastors are always available for informal meetings.  Drop-ins are welcome but to ensure someone being here it is usually best to call ahead.


Q.  If I decide to join Zion, what is the procedure? 


Joining Zion's family is a commitment to the Lord through this family of believers. One may join by simply transferring your current church membership to Zion, or one may attend our membership class held twice a year in fall and spring on a Saturday. 


Q.  After I receive full membership must I volunteer for a committee or ministry? 


 There is no "must" to Zion. However it is hoped that, as one becomes involved, the gifts and talents God has given would be expressed in one of the many areas of service. 


Q.  I have a growing family, does Zion have classes and activities for my children? 


Zion has classes and activities for all ages. Children's Choir, Children's Bell Choir, Teen Youth Group, plus the regular Sunday classes. In addition there is 7th and 8th grade Catechism and Mid Week Adult Bible Study. 

If your specific question has not been addressed in the FAQ, we invite you to contact us and we will attempt to answer your question or direct you to the member best suited to respond.  

Ready to Join?!?

New Members!  Would you like to join Zion Lutheran Church as a new member? Whether near or far, we welcome the expansion of the Zion community. A new members' class online and a celebration of new members will happen later in August.  If it is your intention to join please submit the online New Member. God be praised at the growth of this community in Christ in times such as these! 

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