Boiler Fund Update! 

Our boiler has finally been replaced - thanks be to God! More good news is, the final cost was just over $62,000 which is $6k less than what we thought!  Now is even more important that we replenish this fund to make sure we have enough reserves to get through this pandemic.  As of today, we're sitting at $53,810 raised which is 86% of our goal! Together, WE CAN DO THIS! We'd like to have this money raised by October 15th of this year so hopefully this gives everyone time to budget, especially with all the uncertainty that exists right now.

Giving to this will not only warm our dear church, it will warm your soul as well.

If you can, give securely on our website, the Give+ app and choose The Furnace Drive option, or donate by mailing a check or money order to Zion at 143 Albany St., Ferndale, MI 48220. Please make checks payable to Zion Lutheran Church.

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