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Prayer List

If you would like to be added to the prayer list, or know of someone, submit their full name in writing and include your name and relationship. Prayer requests may be turned in to the office at any time.  Please let us know when prayers are  no longer needed so that a prayer of Thanksgiving may be offered.

Dorothy Anderson  -  mother of Tracey Tavalire
Greg Ayers  -  nephew of the Ayers
Pastor Mark Beeson  -  friend of Rick Aardal

Floyd & Wanda Blanchard - friends of Heidi Rogers
Lucy Bloomer  -  sister of Nancy VanDeGrift
Lawrence Brun  -  nephew of  Gerry & Katie Brisson

Caswell Family  -  friend of food pantry

Cole Family - Friends of Stacey Hachey
Fred Cox  -  friend of the Ayers
Michelle Derringer  -  friend of Debra Jensen
Helen Deady  -  aunt of Fran VanFossan
Julie Estigoy  -  daughter of Shirley Nesseth
Chaka Gant  -  son of Carol Gant, brother of Tracy Mosley
Pastor Paul Gateman  -  member
Rodger Haugen - member
Gerald Hause  -  Uncle of Tom VanDeGrift
Dan Howell  - friend of Tracy Tavalire                                     

Ryan Hunt, Friend of Elaina VanFossan                                 
Norman Hutton  -  brother of Claire LeVasseur
Nancy Hutton  -  niece of Claire LeVasseur
Kelly K  -  friend of Nathalie Demers & Sarah Niemi
Kate Krasa  -  member
Kim M  -  friend of Nathalie Demers & Sarah Niemi
Tammy Miller  -  friend of Jeff Wasilewski & Mike Weiszbrod
Allen Mitchell  -  friend of Kim Schroeder
Loretta Lyn Mitchell  -  niece of Linda Whitman                       

Steve Norconk  -  member                                                         

Debbie Mitre - Smith - Friend of Stacey Hachey

Jake Penner -  friend of Janice Clein &  Karlene Harrison
Carolyn Post  -  mother of Carissa Gaden
Darlene Rakowski  -  friend of Kim Schroeder                     
Loraine Roe  - friend of Shirley Nesseth
Vickie Runyon  - friend of Lorraine Mattison
Mary Ryntz  -  mother-in-law of Debra Jensen
Donald Sanders  -  brother of Carol Gant
Shanahan Family   
Ruth Sharp - friend of the Ayers

Gary Steinert -  Husband of Ruth Steinert
Fran VanFossan  -  member
Jill Werth  -  member
Carie Woodall  -  friend of Ceil Smith 

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