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The start of the school year is around the corner and supplies are on sale everywhere.  If you're buying items for your child, why not pick up extras to make some School Kits for Lutheran World Relief?  Even if you don't have children in school now, you can get in the spirit of promoting education.  Parents in other countries often have to pay tuition for their children's education, stretching budgets beyond basic supplies.  Meijer still has notebooks for $0.35 and other stores have them too.  Dollar (and a quarter) Tree has the backpacks plus good buys on other items.  Remember, our Centennial goal is to prepare 100 blankets & kits, be they School, Baby Care, Personal Care, or Fabric.  So far 46 kits are known to be assembled.  The rack containing the kit lists has been moved to Fellowship Hall, so please take a sheet for reference when you shop.  The kits will be sent to LWR in Oct.  See, Get Involved tab, for more info on all kits.

To help with School Kits, here's the list:  4 70-sheet spiral notebooks,  box of 16-24 crayons,  30-centimeter ruler (12" with centimeter marks), blunt scissors, pencil sharpener, 2.5" eraser, 5 pencils banded (can get from church office), 5 blue or black ballpoint pens banded (NOT GEL), all put in a drawstring backpack-style cloth bag.  Remove all packaging cardboard and plastic.

If you have any questions about these or other kits, please contact Sandy Ayers.  See for more info.  Sheets of kit contents are in the rack in the narthex.

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