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Lutheran World Relief (LWR) is responding to needs as the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic continues.  People's livelihoods and lives are being challenged more than ever and there are many ways for us to help.

We're definitely in the heart of summer, but Back-to-School sales are in stores now.  Look for sales for school supplies to buy the items needed for School Kits for LWR.  Pencils are available in the church office, so arrangements can be made to acquire them.  Dollar Tree has the bags or they can be ordered online, if you don't make them yourselves.  Contents for each School Kit are blunt nose scissors, 5 pencils banded, pencil sharpener, 2.5" eraser, 12" ruler with centimeters, 4 70-sheet spiral notebooks (not loose-leaf paper), box of 16-24 crayons, and 5 ballpoint (not gel) pens banded, all in a drawstring 14"x17" backpack-style bag.  They will be sent to the LWR warehouse in October.

Garage sales are increasing and are good sources for gently used baby items for the layettes.  Contents for each layette are 2 lightweight cotton t-shirts (no Onesies), 2 gowns or sleepers without feet, 2 lightweight receiving blankets, 4 cloth diapers, which can be made from flannel or t-shirts, 1 jacket, sweater or sweatshirt (with a hood, or include a baby cap), 2 pairs of socks, 1 hand towel, 2 bath-size bars (4-5 oz) of gentle soap, 2 diaper or large safety pins.  Sizes up to 24 months.

If you have any questions about these or other kits, please contact Sandy Ayers.  See for more info.  Sheets of kit contents are in the rack in the narthex.

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