Join us for 10:30am worship in the sanctuary while live on Zoom and Facebook!  That means just one Sunday service!  We praise God for this!  

Wednesday Hope continues with Fall season worship at 7pm, focused on words of real hope that strengthen us for the week’s journey.  

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Proclamation of the Word

"whoever calls on the name of the LORD shall be saved."

God's Word comes to us in three ways, namely through Jesus Christ, through the Holy Scriptures, and through the daily working of God in our lives. 


As a people formed in Word and Sacrament, the community participates in the proclamation of God's Word and in the promise that Christ is with us and all people.   In gratitude we strive to live responsible lives with others in the world and with all of God's creation.



In Holy Communion, God forgives our sins, nourishes our faith, and calls us to live out the Gospel's message of God's love. 


The Sacrament of Holy Communion is celebrated weekly at Zion.  Infants and children may be brought to the altar during Holy Communion either to receive a blessing or to fully commune after parents have received pastoral guidance.  For those who are sensitive to wine, grape juice is offered; gluten free products are available for those who are wheat sensitive.



Holy Baptism is a sacrament where God delivers us from evil, gives us new life, and makes us a participant in God's community. In baptism a person expresses his or her public commitment to God.  The baptismal life means that a person commits to showing God's love to others through his or her words and actions, which includes bringing about justice and peace in the world.


Baptismal services are held several times a year in the midst of the congregation. The Sacrament of Baptism is offered to infants, children, and adults.